My name is Don McAllister and I’m a designer with over 20 years’ experience, an eye for detail, a head for tech, a love for typography and an empathy for users’ needs.

I’ve designed for companies large & small. Let me show you what I can do for yours.

From advertising to banking to home-bound seniors, my strength lies in my ability to absorb each situation and provide intelligent solutions through design. Take a look at some examples of my work and if you like what you see, let me put my expertise to work for you, contact me to discuss your needs.

In their own words...

“My experience with Don has been excellent. He is a talented artist and a tremendous user experience designer – with a healthy dose of engineer mixed in as well. When he joined my team, he took ownership of an interface that had deep design and technical issues. He never complained; he prioritized the changes that would have the most benefit to the user experience, and proceeded to lead the UI dev team to implement them. The results were dramatic. Further, he helped to mentor our UI dev team in HTML best practices, significantly improving the code. Many small changes he was able to do himself, saving the delay inherent in offshore development.

Don has really taught me to appreciate the the powerful effect that many subtle design decisions, made consistently with the eye of an artist, can have on the software user experience.”

Ken Griggs

Product Development Manager, Deloitte iLab

“Highly recommended. Don excels at taking high level concepts and producing quality designs on the first try. From there, it’s a short path to final designs. Don is a great listener. He uses what he’s heard to drive his designs, instead of imposing his will on the client. It’s another mark of his deep experience and professional maturity.”

Don MacLennan

CEO & Co-founder, Bluenose

“I have worked with Don for years and thoroughly enjoy the process. He’s immensely creative and talented. I give him sketches and he turns them into artwork. He’s someone I hope to continue working with for a long time.”

David Dring

Executive Director, Selfhelp Innovations

UX Design

UX Design

“Measure twice, cut once.” That’s sage advice not only for woodworking, but websites as well. Sketching, wireframing and prototyping are all steps that should happen before your dev team takes off coding.

My goal as a designer has always been to let the message shine through. Design should help clarify, communicate and lead users to where they need to go, not intrude or confuse.

Web Design

Web/UI Design

Having designed for the Web since 1995, I’ve seen my graphics evolve from tiny 120px GIFs with tables and shims to the full-screen responsive@2x sites of today.

I’ve designed interfaces for experienced techies as well as folks who barely knew how to turn a computer on.

Art Direction

Art Direction

Do you already have designers on staff that just need an experienced eye to focus their efforts? Maybe your product just needs a fresh perspective?

I pride myself in my ability to absorb each client’s unique situation and determine their specific users’ needs.

Mobile UI Design


Designing a good mobile UI is more than just making text bigger and layouts smaller. How does a user interact with this app? What's the easiest way for someone to interact with this data?

Some examples of my work...

Looking for a designer that understands the expectations of a Fortune 50 enterprise as well as the needs of a lean startup? I’ve been fortunate enough to work for both and have more well-rounded skills for it.
Take a look at some examples of my work below, but for more in-depth screens, please contact me and I’ll be happy to provide those.

Contact me

Feel free to drop me a line. My office manager (pictured) will be sure to pass the message along just as soon as her break is over.